Change Over Time

How do historians identify continuity and change over time? The last case study about the practice of yoga is both a traditional sense and a modern practice this case study taught me many things about what historians have to consider when researching a topic. In this case study, the main argument was whether or not modern yoga should pay respects to traditional yoga history. In this case study, a Hindu American wrote to a journalist paper asking why in their articles they avoid using the word “Hindu” at all costs. We later find out that this is because people who practice modern yoga don’t feel the need to follow traditions of yoga because they have now changed the yoga they practice into a different form hence is why they believe that since its a new type of yoga they have no need for the traditions. This starts the argument of whether or not people who practice modern yoga should respect the history of yoga and refer to Hindus more often. Historians use the history of yoga to help support their views on topics and show how exactly a topic started and how it is currently.


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